For far too long I have relied on someone for my source of happiness. That all changed with a different set of lenses. Moreover, I am done with trying to compete with others and monitoring who has the best nights out and possessions as shown through social media. The only person I want to compete with is myself. The only person I want to ensure I am winning against is myself. Taking it day by day – to be better today than yesterday. To utilize my time effectively to become a better human being and ultimately the person that I have always dreamed of being.

I am not sure when or how it happened. I just know that I have been stuck in a limbo and I finally found the emergency exit. I have been extremely overcome with a new appreciation for what I have and what I am. I have spent way too many days straining my neck looking over the fence, and I think that maybe… Just maybe… my fascination with how green the grass is on the other side has subsided. I do not care what other are doing, nor do I have very many concerns about what the things they have. If all I have in my pocket is nothing than I’d be laughingly think to myself, “well, at least I can say my pockets are full.”

I am extremely thankful to have more than nothing - this is something I have learned and trying my very best to celebrate each day. Being positive to overcome each day adversity is one of the hardest thing to do – let alone master and utilize it on a day to day basis. My goals are to master the art of appreciation and happiness. That is the way to live. I know it may take a lifetime to completely acquire that mastery – I am happy with the fact that I have at least started. My life is no longer a black and white silent film. Every day I will try my absolute best to continue living in a colorful 20/20 HD world.

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