Time does not heal all wounds, time just hides them.

The moment light seeps through my shutters giving me warmth, it's you, you're the first person I think of. How could it be anyone else when my heart beats only for you? And what can I possibly do when every day begins and ends with you? When my brain is overflowing with your smile, freckles, and your beautiful soul... You're all that I can see.

I've given you all my love. I'm allowing you into the deepest darkest parts of my heart. Even the places I am too scared to go. But you're nowhere to be found... Is your love fading? Is our rose dying... Losing its petals one by one?

Distance made my heart grow stronger. Is my love for you too much? I've completely opened up for you. I was afraid. My brain didn't want to but I did anyways. I listened to my heart and I fell in love with you. But the thing I didn't know about falling in love is that everything that falls gets broken... Now that's all I am without you, broken...

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