dark & cold

I am outside. It is daytime and the sun is missing. Where is she? It’s dark... I can’t see. I’m cold. She must be freezing.

What is life when there is no warmth... An empty feeling inside? A hollow chest? Does a robot wish to have emotions? …Or would it refuse once they know how painful it can be? Is it worth the trade-off? What we can’t feel can’t hurt us? Is it true?

I don’t know... Do you have the answer? I am disappointed with myself and in pain... I hurt the one person who cares and loves me. I was so short-sighted - I couldn’t see the pain I caused her.

My body shutting down... I can’t sleep. I lost my appetite. I refuse help. I only care about one thing. To keep her warm. Her world is cold. I need to get the sun back into her world. I need to save her... Can I save her?

Am I the one who is making her cold? Is it dark because of me? Was I the thief who stole the sun from her...? How can I give it back? Would she take it back? I miss her... Do you know where she is? Is she waiting for me?

I think she is alone... I need to be there for her. I will be there for her. I will find her. Am I erased...? Will she remember me?

I am on my way but am I going the right way? A roadblock. Found another path. Is this the right path...? What if it was a left? Another detour. One step forward... Two steps back... One step forward... Two steps back...

I am shouting her name. Can she hear me? I don’t hear anything. Is she calling back for me? I don’t hear her. I miss her voice... I miss everything about her.

If I don't make it... Can you tell her for me? Please? I'm sorry... I failed you again. Please forgive me.

This path is pitch-black. I can’t see where I am going. I tripped… I fell… I’m hurt. I think I am getting closer because it is getting colder. I can barely move... Must get up. I don’t care. I won't give up.

I don’t know where you are but please hold on a little longer I am coming as fast as I can. I love you.

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