As high as you can get is as low as you can be. The moment you are awoken by its presences nothing else in the world matters. Your life becomes lifted. Your days shines brightly. Your problems start to fade and worries become the past.

Then all in a flash it vanishes from your life. Something that was your day to day supply is cut off. Your body starts to tremble. Bit by bit your organs starts to shut down. Your eyes start to water then color turns into black and white. The warmth in your chest now feels icy. Then the lovely songs you once heard starts to sound distorted. Warping and warping. And finally, you become another person. A dead person walking. Living in your own hell.

Your friends and family will start to notice you changed. They will try to save you. But they will soon realize that you've taken too many. That there is nothing they can do but sit and watch. I'm sorry I have to tell you this... But you are at a point of no return. You should have followed the instructions. You didn't listen to the warning label.

Love is a drug and you've overdosed...

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