sorry for my hiatus from writing. i was hoping that if i stayed away from this that i would be able to suppress what's been brewing inside of me.

i've realized you can only write about someone so much before the only thing you can write about is the last time you saw them.

guess it still lingers from the last time we said goodbye. i'm doing better, but i'd be lying if i said the weight of your absence hasn't been heavy. i've been trying really hard to come into acceptance with the reality. i think of things such as "it wasn't meant to be" to "it's for the best" but before i get a chance to say anything i know all that will come out is i miss you, let me stay.

my lips have been sealed around my friends and family, but that doesn't mean my mind isn't always full of you. i've craved your initials on a tree with a heart around it hoping no one cuts it down.

there are millions of different ways to say i miss you but i'm stumbling over every single one. they say you're only as good as the company you keep so i guess that's why i haven't been doing so well since you left.

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