Been scouting the world for this 1st edition 1989 English translation. There isn't many floating around and the ones that were was asking for an absurd price. Luckily, I finally got my hands on one. It isn't in pristine condition, and in some odd way, I love owning it the way it is. When I see it in person, feel the silky cover with a slight bend, smell the aroma as I am flipping through the pages, I feel its character. For it to still be well intact 27 years later from when it was made.

Two days in, half way through, 222 pages later, and loving every moment of it. It fascinates me how it been decades since the author wrote this novel yet I can find correlation from their time to our current time. The characters that are in it and the dilemmas they face. That no matter where you grow up that you will encounter similar personalities, struggles, pain, and happiness. The liars, good, shady, sweet, and so forth. The context perhaps is different, but the blessing or lesson teaching will be the same. The only difference is the face to go along with the 1 of 16 personalities.

It surprises me who I am today... I had never thought I would be immersed in these books. Reading and writing? Classes that I have failed my entire life? Who am I now? I catch myself wishing I could feel love like how it is sung in the songs and written in books. Life doesn't turn out the way we think it will, does it?

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