1. last week i got cut-off while driving home. as i was about to honk my horn i could hear the sound of your voice saying, "fucking truck." i didn't get mad at the driver as hearing you made my heart smile.

  2. someone passed by me the other day at the coffee shop and she smells like you. i could smell the smell of autumn in the air.

  3. i went for a bike ride today and the air felt like it did the first time we rode together. the weather was chilly except for us and cool air was hitting my teeth because i couldn't stop smiling.

  4. for lunch i ate at where we used to eat often. it tasted like the days we used to spend together.

  5. i was listening to your favorite song. it reminds me of the times my heart melted for you as i heard you sung it out loud.

- 5 ways my heart
tried to tell me that
it really misses you

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