I hear my phone vibrating... I know that sound.

I’m nervous to check. Do you think it is her...? I’m hoping it is... I know I shouldn’t have my hopes up... It hasn’t been her since the last time we saw each other… Where is she? Do you think she got water on her phone? Is it turned off in a bag of rice? I'm wondering if it broke? …Or did she delete my number? Was I taking up space in her phone? I’m sorry…

Nothing matters anymore. I barely use my phone now. It wouldn't matter if I'm getting 100 messages about good news... None of it would matter if I can’t celebrate it with her.

I haven’t replied back to anyone. Saw some messages that asked where have I been and am I okay? No point in replying. Nothing they can say or do would make a difference. I don't know who I am anymore. I went color blind. Everything I have been seeing is black & white.

A huge part of me is missing... Have you been in my shoes? Do you know how I'm feeling? Can you help me?

I don't know where you are but did you block me? I love you.

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